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 CDMTranscriberTranscribe state messages (VectorStamped) into other types
 Cintegrator_chains::PolytopeBasic half-space representation of polytopes
 Cintegrator_chains::LabeledPolytopeExtension of Polytope to have label (string)
 Cintegrator_chains::ProblemRepresentation of problem instances
 Cdubins_traffic::ProblemRepresentation of problem instances
 CQueue< T >
 CQueue< Eigen::VectorXd >
 CQueue< integrator_chains_msgs::VectorStamped * >
 CQueue< Problem * >
 CQueue< ros::Time >
 Cdubins_traffic::RoadNetworkRoad network description
 CTrajectoryGeneratorFlow computation for the problem domain: scaling chains of integrators
 CWordEventsEcho trajectory labeling modulo repetition